My work is always about communication and the complexities of human relationships and my greatest inspiration is a single human being. The inspirations are deeply rooted in myself, it is a state of my mind. It is a relation between art and beauty of people, between art and violence. Some of my images are derived from photos of real people, others are inspirited by classic masterpiece of art. 

     My works and research explore conceptual relations between cognitive processes, languages and cultures. The very choice of the subject, the gesture, the motif disclosed a predesposition to a related interpretation of the world, access to similar layers of the absurd, and referencs to objects recorded in the history of symbols. Define concepts, sings and symbols engaged in the insane dance of associations. The tendency to define things or concept through a labyrinth of other meanings – the state of „being not quite there”, reiterated references to „something more” – is so ingrained in my paintings.

     My inspiration is a complexity and depth of single individual feelings, getting out of mental barrier. In my works I'm trying to connect the way, which forms states human anxiety, intimate and difficult to articulate states.

     I'm looking for a path, which in a strange and unexpected way will guide me through the difficult and sometimes sensitive emotions. Working as an artist, I would like to create visions of a world truer than the real world. I like to penetrate the depths of the human psyche to get to the subconscious fascination and obsessions, longings, desire and fears.